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Yousician Guitar App Review

Yousician is a game-like guitar learning software that provides a fun, motivating way to practice and level up.

It also works with bass, ukulele and piano to help you play your favorite songs.

Learning Guitar Curriculum
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You can use any acoustic or electric guitar with a pickup and an external microphone. The app will detect the instrument, as well as your finger position on the fretboard, to give you a more precise score and assessment of accuracy. It can even tell if you miss a note or get slightly off timing. If you do well enough, you can earn stars and move on to the harder exercises. This is a great way to learn how to play in time, which is a skill that many advanced players struggle with.

The Yousician song library covers a wide variety of genres and includes songs by popular artists. It's easy to find the best songs for your skill level, whether you are an acoustic country guitarist or want to rock out with a hard and heavy band. The songs are organized by mission, which are groups of songs, video tutorials and trainers that teach the skills needed to complete the mission.

Each mission has a goal and you must achieve at least two stars to advance to the next step. Each module teaches a specific set of skills such as chords, melody and lead playing. Using the app's interface, which is similar to popular music games, you can practice strumming chords, picking melodies and playing techniques like hammer ons and pull offs. Each skill is rated on accuracy, pitch, rhythm and tempo to assess your performance.

As you progress, you can unlock rewards and badges to encourage you to continue working on your guitar skills. The game has a social component as you can compete with friends and other users on the leaderboards. It also lets you connect your Facebook account to see which of your friends are using the app and what their levels are.

The user interface is very interactive and easy to follow. The app uses multiple colors and numbers to identify fingers and frets, as well as highlighting when a chord needs to be played. The app's auto tempo mode reduces the speed of the backing track by 50%, which is helpful for beginners who don't yet have much experience playing songs at a faster pace. The app is a lot of fun and kids will have a blast spending hours on end practicing their guitar skills. However, advanced guitar players who need a more in-depth understanding of their skills would be better off looking for a different online learning platform.

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Yousician Guitar App Review

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Yousician is a game-like guitar learning software that provides a fun, motivating way to practice and level up. It also works with bass, ukulele and piano to help you play your favorite songs. You can use any acoustic or electric guitar with a pickup and an external microphone.

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