How To Perfectly Tune A Guitar

If you are a music lover, then you know one of the worst sounds in the world is an instrument that is horribly out of tune. This is especially true for guitars when having just one string off can send a beautiful melody in to a spiral of twangy despair. For a professional musician, the fix is as easy as turning the peg heads a few times until the offending string is back in harmony with the others.

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For a player who is just starting out, tuning a guitar can seem a bit daunting: how far do you turn the peg heads? what if I can't tell if the guitar is in tune? what happens if I accidentally break a string while tightening it too much? These are all very valid and appropriate questions, and they can all be answered with a String Master Robotic Guitar Tuner.

By using a guitar tuner, anyone -- from the beginner to the expert -- can tune their guitar, be it acoustic or electric, to a perfect pitch, eliminating the awful sound that an out of tune guitar produces. However, many of the guitar tuners on the market today are often confusing and difficult to operate, with blinking lights or sounds that try to direct you as to how far any given string needs to be turned.

This can still result in an inability to properly tune your guitar as well as increasing the chance that you will break a string, then not only will you have to replace your string, but you will have to start trying to tune your guitar all over again. The String Master Robotic Guitar Tuner eliminates all the guess work for you by automatically tuning your guitar perfectly each and every time.

The way it works is simple. All you have to do is place the String Master Robotic Guitar Tuner on your guitar's peg heads and turn it on. As you strum the guitar string, the tuner does all the work for you tighten the string until it is in perfect tune, stopping automatically when finished. No more will you have to make minute adjustments just to get the perfect tune when the String Master Robotic Guitar Tuner will do it for you.

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